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Gretel Leach Mind Coach

Gretel Leach works with men and women to navigate the human experience. Helping them to raise their awareness around their limiting beliefs and lower density energies such as anxiety, fear and control. Gretel is a boundary master! She works with her clients to set clear, solid boundaries in their life, enabling them to focus on their own growth and well-being. Gretel will tell you that boundaries are ‘paramount’ in order for you to show up as the best version of yourself! As a starseed, Gretel is here with a double mission, not only to raise her own consciousness, but to raise the vibration of the collective also, and to create a new earth. She is a wayshower into the spiritual realms and she helps her clients connect to their higher self, enabling them to live out a soul aligned life here on earth. Gretel is very passionate about energy work and with her extensive personal experience with anxiety, her spiritual gifts and her qualification in Jikiden Reiki, Gretel is able to offer something very unique, that no other anxiety coach can offer. As an ‘Intuitive Anxiety Coach’, Gretel is not teaching you from sources outside of herself, she is coaching you from experience, knowledge and wisdom that she already holds within herself. Not only from this lifetime, but many other past lifetimes. Gretel is a powerful intuitive and emotional empath, giving her the gift of reading and feeling into her clients energy. She is clairvoyant, claircognizant, clairsentient and clairaudient. Her soul has been preparing for this work for many lifetimes, and she uses her intuition and spiritual gifts to catapult her clients from a 3D lensed reality, to a whole new dimension where the surface level vices such as fear and anxiety, can no longer survive.

Gretel’s story…

“I suffered from social and generalised anxiety for the majority of my life leaving me living a very miserable existence. I had zero self-esteem, very low confidence and total lack of self-worth leading me to completely numbing myself through a self-destructive lifestyle. I tried every option that was available to me: counselling, therapy, medication, yoga, CBT,  journaling, reading books… you name it, I did it. Yes some of it helped, for a while. However, it still did not shift my mindset and my energy around how I viewed myself and I knew that I was just not meant to feel the way I did. I was never going to accept it. I wanted more for myself. I wanted to live my best life and I just knew somewhere deep inside of me that it was available to me. That’s when my first Coach came into my path.

I had never even heard of a “coach” before, but when I spoke to her something far beyond my logical mind became the driving force in what would be the most life changing decision I would ever make.  That driving force was my soul and it was urging me to make this decision. To make a commitment to myself. Apart from my ego screaming at me, I grabbed the bull by its horns and said yes! It was a four-month program, but I ended up working with my coach for 10 months altogether. It dramatically changed my life. I completely reprogrammed my mindset from a place of regret, shame and guilt to a place of gratitude and love for every single person or experience that had come into my life. I shifted my energy around my self-confidence and self-esteem. I gradually started to blossom into the person that I had forgotten even existed. I can’t explain the feeling you get when you start to heal yourself; letting go of suppressed emotions and fears. It is truly liberating and joyful. The program also awakened my spiritual gifts. It opened up the door to my soul’s purpose in helping other men and women, who are like me, to free themselves from limiting beliefs and fear, and to reclaim their power back.

I am now completely free from the shackles of anxiety and I live a happy life with solid boundaries in place. I am living my truth and I have taken back my power. I am an untethered boss of my life all because I decided to go for it and say yes to me! I have continued to work with other coaches since starting my healing journey and I am becoming a more evolved version of myself every single day. I would easily say that my favourite thing in the whole wide world is to be alone, away from the hustle and bustle of life, so I can listen to what my body and soul is trying to tell me.  A few years ago, that would have been nearly impossible for me; because being alone reminded me that I was still this girl who had made the wrong choices and done things that I was not proud of.  This girl that was not worthy of love, not worthy of a nice home, not worthy of being like everybody else… all because I had chosen to do things that were not accepted by other people. I have now worked through all of the conditioning and the limiting beliefs about who I thought I should be. I have had many cycles of death and rebirth, and from walking through the fire, I have been reborn, time and time again. Able to live for me unapologetically and unconditionally. To live for what makes me happy and what sets my soul on fire, instead of living somebody else’s watered down dream”.



“journey of self discovery”

Kim Pierre

“In my life I’d had some quite traumatic life experiences and I was left with suppressed emotions that over the years I’d tried to deal with, and thought I’d healed on some level, but even through traditional counselling and yoga retreats and anything I could to help release these suppressed emotions, they just didn’t work. During Gretel’s programme she gifted me the tools to enable me to release my suppressed emotions and to move forward in life, to give me the tools to deal with and respond to life’s problems.”


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