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Gretel Leach Mind Coach

Gretel Leach works with women 25 years plus who suffer with social and generalised anxiety. Helping them to move from a life with a lack of confidence, persistent fear and worry, to being able to live their life with confidence whilst feeling comfortable and carefree. What enables her to connect so empathetically with her clients is the fact that she has been exactly where they have been. Mindset and energy go hand in hand. In order for your energy to shift, first you must reprogram the mind. Gretel’s passion and speciality is helping women to be happy. Free from the shackles of anxiety and living their truth.

Gretel’s story…

“I suffered from social and generalised anxiety for the majority of my life leaving me living a very miserable existence. I had zero self-esteem, very low confidence and total lack of self-worth leading me to completely numbing myself through a self-destructive lifestyle. I tried every option that was available to me: counselling. therapy, medication, yoga, CBT,  journaling, reading books… you name it, I did it. Yes some of it helped, for a while. However, it still did not shift my mindset and my energy around how I viewed myself and I knew that I was just not meant to feel the way I did. I was never going to accept it. I wanted more for myself. I wanted to live my best life and I just knew somewhere deep inside of me that it as available to me. That’s when my first Coach came into my path.

I had never heard of a ‘Mindset Coach’ before and I was very sceptical! BUT… she changed my whole life in the space of 4 months by providing me with the tools and the guidance to completely reprogram my mindset and shift my energy from a place of lack to a place of gratitude and love!!!! Saying yes to myself opened up the doors for me to my soul’s work, what I am here to do in this lifetime. I always knew I wanted to help people, but I didn’t want to play by the rules of society, I wanted to do it my way because I am a free spirit and a rebel! I have some very powerful and beautiful spiritual gifts. I am Claircognizant, Clairsentient and a Mirroring and Intuitive Empath. I use my spiritual gifts to read and feel into my client’s energy, catapulting them from their deepest fears into their red-hot power! I am VERY passionate about mindset and energy work!!!!”



“journey of self discovery”

Kim Pierre

“In my life I’d had some quite traumatic life experiences and I was left with suppressed emotions that over the years I’d tried to deal with, and thought I’d healed on some level, but even through traditional counselling and yoga retreats and anything I could to help release these suppressed emotions, they just didn’t work. During Gretel’s programme she gifted me the tools to enable me to release my suppressed emotions and to move forward in life, to give me the tools to deal with and respond to life’s problems.”


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