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Gretel works with her clients to really dig deep and get to the root of their problems, peeling back the layers that no longer serve them. She provides them with the tools to dismantle their negative thought patterns and reprogram their subconscious minds. She helps them to connect deeply with themselves on a spiritual level to understand their energy better. Gretel is a master with boundaries and this is something she helps all of her clients to implement straight away as she will tell you, boundaries are a game changer. Her speciality is for helping women free themselves from the shackles of anxiety, to be happy and to live their truth.

The BADASS Women Method

The BADASS Women Method is a method that I have personally designed from my own journey, where I help women who lack confidence in their social life and live with persistent fear that something bad is going to happen to regain their confidence so they are able to socialise feeling comfortable and carefree.
This is for people who have tried every other solution they can think of such as seeing counsellors, taking medication every day and other therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy, but nothing has worked.
Gretel can categorically tell you that what she is saying is true and WILL work, simply from her own journey with social anxiety. The BADASS Women Method is the most transformative modern day programme there is for women suffering with social anxiety.
You do not want to miss out in making such a life changing investment in yourself.
If the programme is speaking to your soul and you would like some more information, please contact Gretel directly.
She would be honoured and delightled to assist you on what can only be described as the start of the most incredible journey you will ever go on. Dont wait.
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