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Why Pick Me To Be Your Guide?!

I am “The Body Bohemian”.  I am here to work with the body in an unconventional way. Completely differently to anybody else.

How so?!

Because I understand the body in a way that no other does.  And as such, I work with the body in a way that no other does.

Unconventional. Unique. Breaking all the rules around being at peace with who we are and finding true equilibrium in Body, Mind & Soul.

I offer 2 highly potent 1:1 coaching containers to truly help you to master the human experience.

Is This Container For Me?!

I am here to work with the starseeds.  The ones who feel misplaced.  The ones who feel like they don’t belong.

I am here to be your guide so you can reconnect to your body and understand your emotions so deeply, that they become your compass for life.

I am a spiritual facilitator, helping you to remember who you are at a soul level and where you came from.

I am here to open up the door for you, to awaken to your souls purpose.

You are here to be of service to others.  To help them awaken to their full potential.

But first… you must do the inner work for yourself so you can pass this wisdom and knowledge onto others just like you.

It starts with you fellow starseed.

What Do I Know About Mastering The Human Experience?!

My spiritual awakening started around 3 years ago after a very dark time in my life.

I spent nearly 13 years self destructing every essence of my being, in an attempt to escape being in my own body.

I reached a point where I had no choice but to face my decisions head on and really ask myself what I wanted from life.

It was messy and painful, and honestly… I had completely lost my identity.

I spent many days and nights in a cloud of sadness, regret, shame, anger and resentment.

Why did I not love myself enough to stop the self destructible behaviour sooner… why did I choose to numb myself over and over and over again when each time I did it, a little bit more of my soul was lost…

There is one day that sticks out in my mind as a very big sign to either get out of the lifestyle I was living or end up dead.

However, I always knew it would never come to that… I was a warrior… even in my darkest moments.

I had been taking drugs and drinking as normal on a weekend, and didn’t get to bed until the very early hours.  When I woke after what little and very poor sleep I did have… I didn’t want to open my eyes.

I remember feeling utter sadness, shame and regret cursing through my whole body, and in that moment, my mind and body could not endure the suffering I was inflicting on them, any longer.

I had reached the absolute limit of my hedonistic journey.  I knew in that moment that something had to change.

I finally found the strength to walk away from the addictive, self destructive lifestyle I had been living for over a decade, and I said goodbye to using it as a way to escape who I truly was.

I Started Doing Everything I Could To Help Myself…

I started reading books about social anxiety, spirituality, mindfulness.  I attended yoga 3 times a week, started journaling about all of my painful or uncomfortable past experiences from as far back as I could remember.

I tried everything to understand myself better and I tried every surface level modality available to me to try and unburden myself from the continual life sucking emotions and physical symptoms I had to endure every single day.

I was addicted to my own ruminating thoughts.

Trapped in a perpetual cycle of  feeling unworthy, fearful, shameful.

I was trapped in my own minds prison with nowhere to escape.

I finally reached breaking point.

No more ways to escape, no more band aids to try… so I gave in once again to drugs, only this time, prescription drugs.

Another way of escaping my body.

Another way of running away from the truth.

Honestly… this was the only option to me at the time.

I know now that the health system doesn’t offer ways to help people understand their emotions and their bodies.

It only provides more band aids and ways to numb the actual root of the problem.

After about 8 months taking mind numbing medication, that made me feel like a walking zombie, I decided that they were not longer for me and I needed to find my own answers.

My First Spiritual Mentor Came Along…

About 2 months after I stopped the medication, the universe delivered to me a spiritual teacher, and one which would change the course of my life forever.

That was the real start of my awakening and the real answers I had been looking for.

I had opened the door to experiences and people I didn’t even know existed.

A world I had forgotten about through lifetimes of programming and social conditioning.

I had opened the door to my souls work.

The reason I incarnated into this life.

I have evolved fast and I chose specific spiritual mentors to get me there.

To crack me wide open to the root of my fears and to all the energetic programmes and mental stories that were holding me back.

So I could understand and overcome past life karma.

So I could accept and make peace with soul trauma.

So I could break free from the perpetual cycle of ruminating thoughts.

So I could free all aspects of my multidimensional self that are still running in another timeline.

So I could understand and integrate my shadow.

So I could be the best possible version of myself in this lifetime, in order to be of service to others.

My Body Is My Genius…

3 years on and I understand myself so profoundly and deeply, that I no longer need to look outside of myself or to anybody else for the answers to my questions.

I look within.

I connect with my genius.

My body.

I now understand that I feel things so deeply and my body is my vessel and compass for life.

My body is so powerful, that I have spent many lifetimes numbing myself over and over again.

Trying everything to escape feeling with so much depth and power.

I know now this is my gift.

The place where I operate from my genius.

The very thing that guides me through life and helps my clients to master their own human experience.

The Human Mastery Experience Portal

Welcome to my deeply transformational and highly potent 1:1 container: The Human Mastery Experience Portal.

A 12 month container to work with me 1:1 in the most transformational way to truly help you to master the human experience.

This programme is for the humans that want something more in life.

For the starseeds that long for some higher stimulation and a longing to feel at home, and to express themselves in a way that feels freeing and expansive to them.

For the people who are bored with the monotony of life.

For the people who are here to truly master the human experience.


  • being free from the tormenting emotions that you are not worthy enough or that you don’t belong
  • making peace with your own addictive thought patterns that you are misplaced in the world
  • waking up every day to a feeling of pure inner bliss and contentment
  • feeling so powerful that nothing outside of you can sway your unconditional commitment to your happiness and souls work
  • feeling utter equilibrium in your mind body and spirit, allowing your soul to lead the way
  • waking up to do what lights your soul on fire, every single day
  • work that doesn’t feel like work because it feels so freeing and expansive
  • to be abundant in every area of your life as a gift from the universe for finding the courage to say yes to you

Welcome To The Human Mastery Experience

This is what your life will look like when you return home to your soul.

When you allow your higher self to lead the way.

When you connect to 5D consciousness and release all of the surface level baggage that is holding you back.

Welcome To The Human Mastery Experience

I provide can provide deep transformation in all areas of your life, if you are willing to do the work.

I am not here to do it for you.

I am here to be your guide…

A wayshower…

A facilitator in your own human mastery experience.

Your Body Is Your Compass For Life…

Your body has all the answers.

You have all the answers.

You just need to learn to trust yourself enough to find them.

I am here to open you up to this path.

To hold the key to your deepest emotions in order for you to express yourself in a way that feels freeing and expansive to you.

So that you can reconnect to your body and allow your body to guide you whilst you master this human experience.

So that you can find find equilibrium in your mind body & spirit and return home to your soul.

Everything you ever desire, is already within you.

Listen to the calling of your soul.

Listen to the internal nudges.

Return Home To Your Soul Starseed…

Unplugged is a deep and beautiful transformational container in order for you to completely change your reality by unplugging from the matrix and reconnecting to your body to be your guide in a soul aligned life.

This deep work will create a ripple effect in all areas of your life, but most importantly, your own relationship with your body.

It will ignite your spiritual gifts and you will start to understand your body and your emotions on a much deeper level.

You will learn to understand your energy better and how to use your amazing gift of being an empath.

Get Ready For Lots Of Lightbulb Moments…

Light bulbs will go off and big energetic shifts will happen during your work with me.

You will learn to understand your own emotions and what makes you truly happy.

You will implement strong boundaries with everybody in your life as a necessity for you to show up as the best version of yourself.

You cannot pour from an empty cup and during our work together you will learnt the tools to put yourself first and to make your self care non-negotiable.

Your self love and trust will blossom like a beautiful butterfly and each day you will fly a little further towards your own truth and happiness.

Enter The Human Mastery Portal

If you would like to enter the Human Mastery portal and completely transform your life, please complete the application form below.

Please note that I do not work with everybody who applies. I am selective on who I choose to work with in my potent containers to ensure that both parties are a good fit.

I will only work with those who are committed to becoming the best version of themselves and who are willing to do the work and hold themselves accountable.

What To Expect Once You Have Submitted The Application Form

If I feel we are a fit to work together then I will arrange a call with you.


I will expect payment on the call and no refunds will be issued for any down payment.

See you on the inside.

Application form

Welcome starseed

You are exactly where you should be.

Follow your inner compass and allow your life to expand in ways beyond your imagination as you navigate this incredible human experience.

Only you can make the decision to reclaim your power.

Only you can choose to awaken to souls calling.

It is up to you to do the inner work and create a ripple affect with everyone around you.

You are here to lead.

You are here to birth your souls work into reality and play your part in the evolution of the collective consciousness.